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Radiator Replacement in San Antonio, TX

The Signs of Radiator Replacement to Come

The radiator keeps your engine from overheating. Coolant circulates through your engine and absorbs the heat. This is an important job, seeing as an overheating engine can cause all sorts of damage. If this system begins to malfunction, a radiator replacement may quickly become necessary.

One clear sign you need a radiator replacement is the leaking of coolant beneath your vehicle. A good repair shop will run a leak test on your radiator. Meanwhile, the only way your engine avoids overheating is if the coolant circulating through your engine is being cooled by the radiator. Therefore, if your engine often overheats, the coolant is not being cooled. This indicates the need for a radiator replacement, a job Finsanto Automotive is prepared to perform.

Accurate Radiator Replacements on Any Make

At Finsanto Automotive in San Antonio, our ASE-Certified technicians have the expertise to complete a radiator replacement on any vehicle make. Regardless of the particular car, truck or SUV you drive, there’s no doubt our team will address your needs thoroughly and efficiently.

Considering our 2-year/24,000-mile warranty on all repairs, the radiator replacement we’ll perform on your vehicle is guaranteed to last. This confidence and peace of mind are exactly what we’re happy to provide when you put your trust in us.

The Finsanto Automotive Advantage

  • Superior-quality service since 2008
  • 2-year/24,000-mile national warranty on ALL repairs
  • 12-month no-interest financing options
  • ASE-Certified technicians
  • Towing service and courtesy shuttle

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